Ask an Architect

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Question:  I want to do a renovation/addition on my home.  When do I need to use an architect?

Response:  Depending on your location, an architect’s involvement may be required.  However, any time you plan on making major changes to your home, an architect’s input is a great thing to have.  Our knowledge and expertise in the industry makes us a great resource for ensuring a great finished project.  We can suggest alternative materials, multiple layout options, or provide 3D visualizations.  See a selection of our Residential Projects here.


Question:  If I am planning a commercial project for my business, when should I use an architect?

Response:  Whether you are planning an addition, alterations or a new structure, most commercial construction requires a licensed professional.  In either case, our involvement in your commercial project can help cut costs, improve your building’s performance, and ensure a smooth construction process.  We have extensive experience with Commercial Projects, including construction documents, code reviews, and construction management.  For additional information or to set up a meeting, contact us.


Question:  What are some green products that I can use in an existing building?

Response:  Going Green with an existing building is a great idea.  In this climate the best thing to do is upgrade the building’s shell, new insulation, air barriers, finishes, etc.  These simple steps will reduce your buildings need for reliance on energy sources.  We often use foam insulation for its excellent thermal qualities, and ability to prevent air infiltration.  Aside from making improvements to the building’s envelope, we suggest upgrading the mechanical and electrical systems as well.  Replacing an old heating system with a new energy efficient system can significantly reduce your energy consumption.  Another great green method is to select products that have a long lifespan, such as cellular pvc trim, cement board siding, or metal roofing.  If you are renovating an existing building, contact us for an assessment!